UltraRecipes: Valentine’s CBD Treats for Your Pets

UltraRecipes: Valentine’s CBD Treats for Your Pets
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UltraRecipes: Valentine’s CBD Treats for Your Pets

February 3, 2021

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Soon, we will be running around looking for the perfect gift and the perfect night out for our significant others, but we can’t forget about our furry friends for Valentine’s Day 2021! Last year on Valentine’s Day, people spent $1.7 billion1 (that’s billion with a “b”) on their pets for Valentine’s Day! To show our pet-love we’re heading into the kitchen to make CBD-infused Valentine’s treats for our dogs, cats, and horses. We’ve chosen three easy, no bake UltraRecipes to pair with the gold standard of CBD oil—Zilis™ UltraCell™ Raw and UltraCell™ Pet.

CBD-infused No Bake Peanut Butter Dog Treats

Dogs love treats. Dogs love peanut butter.* If your dogs are like mine, they love peanut butter treats! These treats are ultra-easy to make and show your furry friend how much you love them. Choose either UltraCell™ Raw or the UltraCell™ Pet CBD for these Valentine’s treats.

To start, use an electric mixer to combine the pumpkin puree, honey** and peanut butter. Then, using the table below, add the UltraCell™ Raw or the UltraCell™ Pet CBD*** to the hemp milk (or milk product of your choice). Next, mix the milk/CBD mixture into the peanut butter and pumpkin until smooth.

After that, mix in the oats with a wooden spoon a little at a time. You may need more or less than the two cups listed. These dog treats should be similar to the consistency of cookie dough, pliable but easy to roll into small, firm balls.

Once the mixture reaches the right consistency, use a cookie dough scoop or your hands, to scoop the treat mixture into equal size balls. Place the treats on your parchment paper. Finally, roll the dog treats in additional oats, if desired, firmly pressing to coat each treat.

Now that your pupper’s treats are ready, you can serve them right away or keep them in the fridge to firm up and store. These treats are good for up to one week in the fridge.

Toss a couple of treats to your best friend for maximum Valentine’s Day zoomies!

*Make sure to choose a peanut butter without xylitol, which is highly toxic to dogs and can occasionally be found in some sugar-free peanut butters.

** Verify your raw honey is actual honey by checking the label. Real honey only contains one ingredient—honey.

***UltraCell™ Pet is not formulated for human consumption.

CBD-infused No Bake Tuna Bite Cat Treats

Don’t worry cat lovers! We didn’t forget about you! Cats can be finicky, but they all love tuna, right? These no bake tuna bite cat treats will keep your kitty calm and may even convince them that you are worth keeping around!

Start off by draining the liquid from a tin of tuna that has no added salt (since too much salt can be harmful) and add it to a blender with the cheese, frozen peas, and oats. Then, using the chart below, add the UltraCell™ Raw or the UltraCell™ Pet* CBD to the vegetable oil. Add the oil mixture to the blender and mix until dough forms.

Next, scoop a teaspoon of the dough out and roll into a ball. Place in an airtight container in the fridge to firm up for about 30 minutes. These treats will keep up to 10 days.

NOTE:  UltraCell™ Pet is not formulated for human consumption.

Cuddle up with your fuzzy feline and nosh on your own Valentine’s treats together!

* UltraCell™ Pet is not formulated for human consumption.

CBD-infused No Bake Horse Cone Treats

We can’t forget about our biggest pets. Our horse friends get a Valentine’s treat, too. These scrumptious looking cones are filled with goodies horses love and UltraCell™ Raw.  Our CBD-infused Valentine cone recipes makes only 2 servings, so double it up if you have more than 1 or 2 horse friends.

To start, core and shred an apple into a large bowl. Mix the apple, carrot, and sugar together thoroughly.  Add the UltraCell™ Raw CBD oil to the corn syrup and stir together; then add the mixture to the bowl.

Next, mix the bran into the bowl to make the mixture thick and pasty. Add more bran, or oats, if needed.  After the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, using an ice cream scoop or your hands, scoop out 1 ball of the mixture into each ice cream cone. Pack the mix down into the cone. Round the top like a scoop of ice cream.  Next, roll the edge in the party sprinkles and press a grape into the top of the scoop.

Definitely don’t hold your horses with these treats! Serving them to your horses directly after making them keeps the cones nice and crunchy. Do not refrigerate as the cones will become soft or soggy and fall apart.  Trot on out to the fields on Valentine’s Day and show your love!

WARNING: Avoid foods with added salt, caffeine, chocolate or xylitol as they are toxic for pets to ingest.

UltraCell™Raw and UltraCell™Pet serving sizes are recommended by Zilis™ Ambassador, Dr. Joli Jarboe, a Board-Certified Veterinary Neurologist specializing in neurology and neurosurgery and a member of the Zilis™ Medical Advisory Board.

Happy Valentine’s Day and love the ones you’re with!  Join us next time for an exploration and explanation of what you should be looking for in your high-end skincare products.

About Zilis’ Scientific Research & Development Department

Our Scientific Research and Development Department is headed up by Dr. Marielle Weintraub, a hemp industry expert. She holds a master’s and a PhD in Behavioral Neuroscience and is very active in many dietary supplement and hemp industry trade associations, including her role as the current President of the U.S. Hemp Authority. Dr. Weintraub is committed to the continued development of hemp-specific information and testing to fulfill the Zilis mission.

Science posts for Discover are co-researched and co-written by Kelly McGill, Senior Scientific Technical Writer at Zilis. Kelly holds a bachelor’s degree in English and a master’s in Linguistics / TESL. She has been writing science-related content for over 20 years and is an expert in making difficult concepts easy to understand.

Zilis is the creator of UltraCell™, a CBD oil product derived from hemp. Based in Argyle, Texas, a suburb of Dallas-Fort Worth, Zilis is privately held. Visit zilis.com for more information.



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